Christian Otto and Markus Zimmer are lead-authors on a T20 policy brief on coastal challenges.


This policy brief explores and provides a holistic view of the existing practices, issues, and opportunities for a sustainable coastal management initiative among the G20 member countries. Specifically, it highlights coastal disaster risk reduction and resilience strategies, along with the financial implications of public investment on the need of a proper assessment of the social return of adaptation projects, and on the avoided fiscal deadweight loss. The brief also discusses the importance of funding for development projects to reach mitigation targets and the need for an evaluation framework to improve the efficiency of these adaptation efforts. The policy brief suggests establishing an initiative within the G20 to address disaster risk reduction (G20- DRR) by providing a decision support system as well as a centralized dissemination platform for quality-controlled, transparent national climate impact assessments by fostering global collaboration between institutions, researchers, and experts (see the entire report here).